Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Pain in the Ear...

Earlier this week, we all noticed Landon had been sniffling a little more than usually. By Friday, he was pulling at his ear. Jonathan and I took him to the clinic to visit with the doctor this morning, thinking he probably had an ear infection, and we found out he might have a perforated ear drum! Poor baby can't play in water until it's healed and has to have the most torturous ear drops put into his ear twice a day for ten days. He's going to his normal doctor on Tuesday (if we can move our appointment up) and then he's been referred to an ear-nose-and-throat doctor as well. Please keep the little guy in your prayers- and Jonathan, especially when he has to put those drops in Landon's ear!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Cool in the Pool

I was picking Landon up from his pre-school earlier this week and noticed his teacher had made a cute new photo-collage for the door. On it was this amazing picture of one child, stretched out in a pool wearing sunglasses and laughing. As I looked at it closely, I noticed it was a photo of our own ham of a child. Oh my goodness, does this one have some personality!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A few summer pics...

Here are a few pictures from this summer. I can't believe how quickly this summer has moved!
Between Landon and Braden's schools is a large area that usually has goats of all sizes. Recently we noticed this new addition. Landon has named him Fred.

Braden's been working on his swimming a lot this summer. Nana takes him to the Olympic swimming pool at the country club every weekend; his summer program goes to the Mickey Mouse pool every Friday morning; and it seems that every birthday party we've been to this summer has been at the pool too! He's gotten so good swimming, he doesn't have to wear the life jacket and he's been okayed by the life guards to move into the five foot area. Way to go Braden!

I do try to get the boys to pose for me. Braden will cooperate for about five minutes, as long as the location is precarious and dangerous.

Landon, on the other hand, refuses to pose for anything, or stand still for five seconds for that matter. I'm lucky to come away with the few non-blurry pictures I have of him!

I only wish I had the ability to pull off this fashion statement some days!

Braden attended the basketball camp held by the high school coaches at Southside. He absolutely loved it. Too bad I can't get him to practice his dribbling without a Wii remote in his hand!

And of course, what's the Fourth of July without a little sprinkler action! Hope your summer is going as well as ours!

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Total "Eclipse" of the Harry Potter

My Aunt Kay (Team Jacob, by the way) treated me (Team Edward, not to be confused with team Rob) Wednesday afternoon to the latest Twilight movie- Eclipse. It was really good. I enjoyed it a lot for a book-based movie, maybe because it's been about a year since I read the book. There are a few things different in the movie, but nothing that ruined the story or will have to be put back in for the next movie. Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson have both progressed in their characters, and the direction in this one made both their characters more likeable. Remember how much I hated the first movie? Jonathan even saw it today and liked it as well. So guys, it's a pretty good movie for you too. Even though there's a whole lot of wolf-boys without their shirts (yummy eye candy ladies!).

Anyway, the most exciting thing I saw may have been the preview for the final installment of the Harry Potter series. I seriously don't think I breathed for about 90 seconds while it was on. Although it did make me mad when I realized they have broken it into two parts. Part one will be released at Thanksgiving and part two will be released (take a deep breath here because this is the part that made me mad) in JULY 2011. Yes, July. 2011. A long freakin' time. 2011. July.

And since I'm having problems adding/editing images tonight and the boys have water day tomorrow which I need to pack some backpacks and set out the swim gear for, I'm cutting this short. Happy Fourth!