Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ghostly Nights

Recently I've become a fan of the Travel Channel program "Ghost Adventures." The premise: three guys are locked into locations overnight and experience all kinds of paranormal activity. Some of the shows are really intense, and they've even been to Arkansas for an episode. Sometimes in the investigations, the guys use digital still cameras to see if they can capture anything. I have always been a little skeptical until I captured this:

This was taken at 12:32AM on January 31, 2010 as I stood on my driveway, looking into the yard at my dad's truck. I only recently discovered this photo as I was cleaning out my files on my computer. If you look at this light anomaly, the first thing you notice is the weird shape of the path of the light. It looks as if the light is traveling from the right to left and back again as it travels from the top of the frame to the bottom; you can also see it looks as if it's going away from me and then changes direction to come back toward me. Next, I noticed that whatever is moving through the frame is also spinning from right to left. The glowing green light behind it could be caused from a shaking of the camera, but I was using a tripod and a flash, so shaking should not have been a factor. I researched what the temperature was that night and the low was listed as 9 degrees Fahrenheit, so I don't believe it was water dripping from the trees. I also don't believe it was an insect of any kind, with a 9 degree temperature reading. And I don't believe it was a snowflake falling, since the temperature that day had been above freezing a little, leaving a crust of ice on top of the snow, and the setting on my camera was set at f/3.5 with an ISO 200 (my camera was not set to be very sensitive to light). My mother thought it might be a double exposure, but I have never had that happen with digital photography. And that would only explain the weird green light, not the white light speeding toward me.

So what do I think it is? I have no idea. Any suggestions?

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